Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day America!

May you enjoy this time with your loved ones honoring our great nation and remembering those who’ve served to keep her great.


And a very Happy Birthday wish to Ansley Jaye!

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D-Day Remembered

D-Day view of Normandy Beach from a Higgins Boat

D-Day view of Normandy Beach from a Higgins Boat

Today marks the 68th anniversary of the Normandy invasion of WWII known as D-Day.

This marks a day of untold bravery, extreme sacrifice, unequaled heroism, and a terror known only to those who’ve experienced it.

May we never forget the price paid by the greatest generation in history to provide us the freedoms we enjoy today. Let’s all pause for a moment to appreciate the blessings we enjoy and honor those that helped provide them.

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Capture Your Inspiration

Newsletter Time

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The information I share in the Newsletter and Friday Chat is exclusive to subscribers and almost never published here.  However, today’s Friday Chat has sparked a ton of response, and I thought I’d break from the norm and share it with you here.  My hope is that you’ll enjoy the letter to the point that you’d like to subscribe yourself.  It’s free to join, and your privacy and email address are completely safe.  I invite you sign up here.

Without further delay here is today’s Friday Chat, please enjoy.


In keeping with our trend of Friday chats, I want to share with you a “holy cow” moment I experienced this week.

It all began while reading “Starting And Closing: Perseverance, Faith, and One More Year” by John Smoltz with Don Yaeger. (Amazon affiliate link) The quick overview is John tells the story of his baseball career intertwined with life’s challenges and how he persevered.

My “ah ha” moment happened while reading chapter 17.  John recounts his less than flattering 1991 season when he started the year with a 2-11 record.  The problem he had was he couldn’t pitch out of a jam.  His mechanics were good and his talent was immense, but his thought process kept getting in the way.  If he allowed a batter to get on base, his fear of them scoring overtook his mind.  Without spoiling the book for you, a sports psychologist suggested John have a video montage created of his greatest moments.  John was supposed to watch the video a few times in the hours before his next start.

At first I thought “That’s cool for a major league pitcher, but what about my moments of doubt?”  That’s when it hit me, I’m an All Star too!  I may not be able to throw a baseball 98 mph for a perfect strike, but I have impacted the lives of others in positive ways.  I quickly grabbed a pen and my notebook and jotted down a dozen things I’m most proud of in my career.  Next I’ll be jumping into Photoshop to create images to represent each event using photos, dates, quotes, and even some testimonials of clients served over the years.  Then I’ll make my own video montage of those images using a couple of songs that really pick me up.  The result will be my very own highlight reel.  I think it’s significant to share with you that some of the more meaningful memories are from times that I wasn’t on a public stage, but in the trenches working shoulder to shoulder with people I respect.

What about you?  What memories can you tap into when things get tough?  I think it’s safe to say that you don’t have to go to the extreme that I am, but I do advise that you have a plan in mind for your doubting moments.  You might review your LinkedIn recommendations, or re-read a few client testimonials, or think about an influential coach or professor you had.  The bottom line is that you have a choice when standing in the face of doubt.  I hope you choose to tap into your rich history of success and fight for your win.

Finally, I’d love to hear about your wins in the face of doubt.  Just reply to this email and let me know how you have thrived.  I’d be honored to share in your victory.

As always, thanks for being you.


Thinking About Heroes

Legends live forever in the legacy of the lives they've touched

This weekend saw the passing of the Legendary Carroll H. Shelby (1923-2012)

To those of us that consider ourselves “gear heads” or “petrol heads” this is no ordinary man.  Carroll Shelby is a legend in the automotive industry and a hero to hundreds of thousands.  His passing leaves a huge vacuum in the world that won’t quickly be filled.

Shelby was a tireless innovator that didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit’.  The legacy he leaves his family is one filled with tremendous accomplishments, accolades, and most of all, reverence.  It’s safe to say that the Shelby family is in the hearts, minds, and prayers of millions.

Immediately after the news broke, there were dozens of articles, blog posts, and memorials hitting the web.  They painstakingly chronicled the work Carroll Shelby is famous for  and commemorated  his achievements. Clearly this man was heroic.

This led me to think about the heroes that have made a meaningful impact in my life and specifically in my businesses.  They may not be the focus of national articles and may not change the industries they serve forever; rather, they are the less famous legends that have my utmost respect and have taught me invaluable lessons.  They are the people that inspire me to branch out, encourage me to stay faithful to my vision, and keep me grounded when my ego begins to take over.

I invite you to do as I have.  Take a moment to ponder the full value of your heroes.
What do they mean to you?
How much of your success can you attribute to their mentoring?
Do they know how much you value your relationship with them?
Have you captured those lessons so you can master them and pass them on later?

Let’s commit today that we won’t have regrets of missed opportunity when our heroes are taken from us.

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

Patience - not an easy virtue

Does Patience Belong in Business?

Patience. To some it feels like banging your head against a wall.  However, it truly is a virtue and I bet most of us try diligently to nurture it in our lives, but what about in our businesses?

Anyone who hasn’t heard the old cliche’ “It’s not personal, it’s business” has lived their life sheltered from mainstream media and pop culture. (If that’s you, please contact me ASAP I want to write a case study about you)

I think it’s safe to say that there are 2 sides to this proverbial coin.  First, in our business we can easily become a bit self righteous with our employees, vendors, and certainly our competitors. I think it’s also safe to say that  sometimes we take that approach with our customers as well.  Anyone remember the soup nazi from Seinfeld?

Now on the other hand, we expect and sometimes demand that businesses extend us patience and above common courtesy when we find ourselves in the role of the customer.

This presents quite a dichotomy that begs us to find a balance between the yin and the yang in business.

How about you?  Have you ever found yourself feeling like a business owed you a bit more patience only to not extend the same kindness to those you impact?

At the end of the day business really is personal don’t you think?